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School Talk #508

Neuroscience and ADD in Gifted Children

Dr. Layne Kalbfleisch, Researcher, Author, Professor, of Cognitive Neuroscience at Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study at George Mason University, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, George Washington University.

School Talk #477

Teachers' Unions

Stephen Gorrie and Don Hill, former teachers and administrators in teachers' associations, give their perspectives on some ongoing controversies about teachers' unions.


School Talk #487

Dental and Oral Health (Spanish audio)

Dr. Alvaro Gracia, DMD, a leader in his field, tackles some commonly held ideas about teeth and gums, and the often overlooked effects of oral health in children, especially in our fast-food culture.


School Talk #454

Etiquette and Protocol in Education and Business

Dr. Wayne Phillips, author, professor emeritus at Bridgewater State University, and etiquette consultant explains and demonstrates the importance of proper etiquette and protocol not only in school, but especially when college graduates go into the work and corporate world.


School Talk #454

The Brain and Learning

Dr. David Sousa, author of four books on cognitive dynamics, and international education consultant, discusses how new scientific research in brain development and function modifies concepts and practices in teaching and learning.



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Are Middle Schools Necessary #497    Dr. Robert Spear

The Teachers' Perspective #494    Marcia Reback

Math and Science Education #485    Dr. Nancy Kleniewski

Implications of the Higher Ed. Act #468    Dr. Dana Mohler-Faria