Outstanding Guests

Pictured above: Senator Ted Kennedy and Nadjia

Here is a sample of our high caliber, noteworthy guests.

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Academics, Teachers, and Reform (alphabetically):

  • Dr. Robert Brooks, Psychologist, Former Director of Psychology, McLean Hospital, Author International Workshop Presenter, Co-producer of PBS documentaries
  • United States Senator John Chafee (RI)
  • David Driscoll, Massachusetts Commissioner of Education
  • Dr. Judith Gill, Massachusetts Chancellor of Higher Education
  • Steve Gorrie, President, Massachusetts Teachers' Association, National Task Force on Low-performing Schools
  • Dr. William Holland, Rhode Island Commissioner of Higher Education
  • Peter McWalters, Rhode Island Commissioner of Education
  • United States Senator Ted Kennedy (MA)
  • United States Senator John Kerry (MA)
  • United States Senator Claiborne Pell (RI)
  • United State Senator Jack Reed (RI)
  • Dr. Ted Sizer, Founder, Coalition of Essential Schools
  • Dr. Robert Spear, Executive Director, NELMS-New England League of Middle Schools
  • Dr. Dennis Tosetto, President, New York State Middle School Association
  • Ron Wolk, Editor, EDUCATION WEEK, Washington, DC
  • (Plus many other outstanding professors, parent organizations, business people, etc.)

Understanding the Student and Related Problems (alphabetically):

  • Dr. Paul Abraham, Director, Bilingual/ESL, Simmons College, Boston
  • Dr. Robert Brooks, Psychologist, Author, Former Dir. Psychology, McLean Hospital
  • Professor Chris Carr, President, St. Martin's College, Lancaster, England
  • Allison Dewsbury, Ministry of Education, Western Australia
  • Dr. Richard Gelles, Founder of National Family Violence Research Program, URI
  • Dennis Gjerdingin, Director, Clarke School for the Deaf/Center for Oral Education
  • Former Massachussetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger
  • Massachussetts Attorney General Tom Reilly
  • Dr. Kevin Lessard, Executive Director, Perkins School for The Blind
  • Gen. Barry McCaffrey, U. S. Drug Czar, Dir. of Office National Drug Control Policy
  • Clifford Montiero, President, RI National Association for Advancement of Colored People
  • Dr. John Nazarian, President, Rhode Island College
  • Dr. Frank Newman, Pres., The Education Commission of The States (Early Brain Develop.)
  • Robert Pryhoda, RI. Director, Special Needs
  • Joy Williams, Director, The Samaritans (Suicide Prevention)
  • Elmer Bartels, Massachusetts Commissioner of Rehabilitation